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Accessing early capital for a dream can feel impossible.
Now, there's a better way.


We make the
individual investable.

Our platform provides the tools and network that make it easier to raise capital for an idea, in a way that sets all parties up for success.

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Raise or Invest
Simple, customizable & risk-mitigated.

People You Know

Automate the family and friends round,
while protecting the investment and relationship.


Curated investments in early human ventures,
‍downside-protected & fully serviced.

You bring the ambition, Inspirr handles the rest.

  • Investment & Legal: Highly specialized legal contracts custom made for you
  • Investment Servicing: Automated payments & tracking over the life of agreement
  • Analytics: Reporting & Investor dashboards
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Automated process
before and after funding.

3-Step Fundraise for Individuals

  1. Create a profile
  2. Customize terms
  3. Privately invite people you know, or
    apply to the Marketplace

Simple & Fully Serviced for Investors

  1. Highly specialized contracts provided
  2. Automated payments, tracking & monitoring
  3. Dashboards analytics

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